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Gene Luen Yang

American Born Chinese

Fiction | Graphic Novel/Book | Middle Grade | Published in 2006

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Answer Key

Sections 1-3

Reading Check

1. Lightning, thunder, hyperactive senses, and quick traveling abilities (Section 1)

2. Because he is not wearing shoes (Section 1)

3. A robot that can transform into a monkey (Section 2)

Short Answer

1. Jin tells the herbalist that he wants to be a “transformer” when he grows up. The herbalist responds with a “secret”: “It’s easy to become anything you wish…so long as you’re willing to forfeit your soul.” (Section 2)

2. Peter is Jin’s first “friend” at Mayflower Elementary School, but their friendship consists of bullying and toxic games, instead of kindness and respect. (Section 2)

3. “Chin-Kee” is Danny’s cousin. Danny is horrified and speechless when he sees him right as he is about to ask out a girl. “Chin-Kee” is represented in a racist and stereotypical manner with large teeth, yellow skin, closed and slanted eyes, wearing traditional Chinese garb, and speaking in broken English. In contrast, Danny is represented as a wholesome “all American” teenager. (Section 3)

Sections 4-6

Reading Check

1. “All monkeys must wear shoes.” (Section 4)

2. “The Great Sage, Equal of Heaven” (

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