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Benjamin Alire Sáenz

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

Fiction | Novel | YA | Published in 2012

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Reading Questions Answer Key

Part 1, Chapters 1-6

Reading Check

1.1987 in El Paso, Texas (Part 1, Chapter 1)

2. A food bank (Part 1, Chapter 2)

3. Three (Part 1, Chapter 3)

4. A television (Part 1, Chapter 4)

Short Answer

1. “The Different Rules of Summer” is a quote that comes from Chapter 2, when Ari says that he loves the different rules of summer while his mother “endured them.” Practically speaking, it refers to how summer is a time when Ari is free from the confines of school; more symbolically, it alludes to the fact that Ari is seeking a different way of living, one that shirks convention. (Part 1, Chapters 1-6)

2. He calls him “funny and focused and fierce.” He also sees Dante as someone who is full of mystery. While Ari feels like a “fraud,” he sees Dante as open and confident. Dante seems to be opening up a new world for Ari, and Ari feels alive inside of Dante’s world. (Part 1, Chapters 1-6)

Part 1, Chapters 7-12

Reading Check

1. There is nothing in it. (Part 1, Chapter 7)

2. Art (Part 1, Chapter 8)