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Benjamin Alire Sáenz

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

Fiction | Novel | YA | Published in 2012

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Exam Questions

Multiple Choice and Long Answer questions create ideal opportunities for whole-book review, unit exam, or summative assessments.

Multiple Choice

1. When Ari first meets Dante at the local swimming pool, how does he describe Dante’s personality?

A) Flirty, fun, and forceful

B) Funny, focused, and fierce

C) Frisky, fervent, and ferocious

D) Fancy, furious, and fresh

2. When Dante reads aloud the poetry of William Carlos Williams as Ari cleans his room, what feeling does Dante express?

A) Lightness

B) Freedom

C) Realness

D) Sadness

3. Which of the following best describes why Part 1 is titled “The Different Rules of Summer”?

A) It is a quote from Ari, when he says that he loves the different rules of summer.

B) It refers to a t-shirt that Dante always wears, with bold, colorful lettering.

C) It is a reference to an Emily Dickinson poem, about the slow days of summer.

D) It is something Ari’s father said when Ari was a small child, about how he was quitting his job during the summer.

4. When Ari’s mother tells him she wants him to be happy, he retorts that he is “supposed to be miserable.” Why does he tell his mom that he’s supposed to be miserable?

A) Because he is plagued by nightmares

B) Because he has no friends

C) Because he is bullied at school

D) Because he is 15 years old