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Anton Chekhov

The Seagull

Fiction | Play | Adult | Published in 1895

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Character Analysis


Konstantin (referred to as “Treplev” in some other adaptations) is one of the four protagonists in The Seagull who lives at Sorin’s estate. He is a passionate and creative young man, who always feels he is living in the shadow of his famous mother. More than anything, he longs to be a respected writer in his own right and is determined to reshape the form of the theatrical arts. He is deeply attuned to his emotions, and “[w]hen he reads something his eyes burn and he goes quite pale. He has a beautiful sad voice—really, he’s just like a poet ought to be” (24). However, he does not learn how to channel this passion from the heart into his writing until much later in the play.

Konstantin is in love with Nina, and while their love is mutual at the start of The Seagull, Nina is soon pulled away by Trigorin’s charms. Konstantin grows immensely jealous, and this jealousy clouds his judgement. He has a complex relationship with his mother, who is also jealous of the affair going on between Nina and Trigorin. After two years have passed, Konstantin finally finds his voice as a successful writer, but his life feels directionless without Nina and he dies by suicide at the play’s end.