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Alan Gratz


Fiction | Novel | YA | Published in 2019

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Chapters 40-50

Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Chapters 40-41 Summary: “Pinned Down” and “The Luckiest Soldier on Omaha Beach”

Dee has been hiding behind the seawall he ran to in Chapter 34. He and the soldiers who are also taking cover there watch a new boat of Americans arrive at the beach. Many of the soldiers who try to get out of the boat are shot, but one runs out of the boat, behind a tank, and then behind a metal anti-tank structure. The soldier narrowly avoids an explosion, makes it to one safe zone, and then is shot while he tries to get to the seawall. Dee is devastated and runs out to retrieve the soldier’s body in recognition of the other’s courage.

Chapter 42 Summary: “Say Hello”

Dee sees Henry struggling while he helps a wounded soldier, and he rushes out from the wall to help him. Henry introduces himself and treats a couple of Dee’s cuts. To his surprise and delight, Dee realizes that the soldier Henry was helping is Sid. Dee had thought his friend was dead after the explosion in Chapter 27.

Chapter 43 Summary: “The Dead and the Dying”

After Dee and Sid happily reunite, a commanding officer comes along the seawall and tells all the soldiers to go through a hole in the wall nearby to try and get off the beach, which he feels is a disadvantageous position.