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Nnedi Okorafor

Akata Witch

Fiction | Novel | YA | Published in 2011

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Exam Answer Key

Multiple Choice

1. B (Various chapters)

2. A (Various chapters)

3. C (Various chapters)

4. A (Various chapters)

5. D (Various chapters)

6. B (Various chapters)

7. D (Various chapters)

8. A (Various chapters)

9. B (Various chapters)

10. C (Various chapters)

11. D (Various chapters)

12. A (Various chapters)

13. C (Various chapters)

14. C (Various chapters)

15. B (Various chapters)

Long Answer

1. Sunny has faced several types of discrimination in her life: her albinism and her American birth make her the target of bullying at school, her Free Agent status is something that some Leopard People see as lower status, and her gender causes others to try to limit her opportunities. This last is especially painful for Sunny, as she suspects that her gender is part of what makes her father hostile toward her. When the other young woman lets Sunny know that her barrier-breaking soccer playing will be a source of inspiration to other young women, Sunny feels as if she has accomplished something that will help others in situations similar to her own. (Various chapters)

2. Sunny’s mother is the member of her family that she feels closest to, but when Sunny discovers her Leopard abilities early in the story, she feels she must hide this part of her identity from her mother.