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Sharon Creech

Absolutely Normal Chaos

Fiction | Novel | Middle Grade | Published in 1990

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Chapters 24-48

Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Chapter 24 Summary: “Thursday, July 5”

Mary Lou has a good day: While Maggie watches the boys, Mary Lou goes to the pool to find Alex. They have a great time, practicing dives and talking about how they are both reading the Odyssey. Mary Lou learns that Alex is further along than her and likes the bit where Telemachus searches for his father. Alex shares his suspicion that he is adopted because he does not look like either of his parents. He walks Mary Lou home and asks her to come swimming on Sunday. Mary Lou later asks her mother if she is adopted, and the answer is a resounding no.

At dinner, Maggie delivers the message that a lawyer named Mr. Biggers wishes to speak to Carl Ray. Carl Ray does not admit to having any idea about why a lawyer may want to see him; however, Mary Lou takes his not finishing his dinner as a sign that he is upset.

Chapter 25 Summary: “Friday, July 6”

Mary Lou goes to Beth Ann’s house. Things seem to be going well when they laugh about Mary Lou wanting to know “the sordid details” of Beth Ann’s dates with Derek (78). However, on a whim, Mary Lou confesses that she was a little jealous, adding that Maggie thought Derek looked like a jerk.