80 pages 2 hours read

Robert Greene

The 48 Laws Of Power

Nonfiction | Book | Adult | Published in 1998

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During Reading

Reading Questions & Paired Texts

Reading Check and Short Answer Questions on key points are designed for guided reading assignments, in-class review, formative assessment, quizzes, and more.


Reading Check

1. What does Greene believe separates humans from animals in relation to power?

2. Who, after lavishly displaying his wealth, is imprisoned by Louis XIV?

3. According to Greene, whom should one hire to inspire loyalty and excellence?

4. In Law 3, what does Greene believe individuals should do with their intentions?

5. What does Greene instruct a reader to guard with their life?

6. What type of people does Greene instruct individuals to avoid?

7. What can be used to increase respect and honor?

Short Answer

Answer each question in at least 1 complete sentence. Incorporate details from the text to support your response.

1. Why does Green believe it is important to assert power in Western culture? What skills does he describe as being essential in asserting power?

2. How should individuals respond to people with authority, according to Greene? What examples are offered to solidify his point?

3. What are the benefits of speaking less? How might an individual use excessive speech to their benefit?

4. In what way did Edison exploit Tesla and why does Greene believe his approach to innovation is superior?